Empty Space, 2018

Empty Space (2018) is a commissioned public installation by Northern Lights.mn, the Creative Placemaking Commission in Bloomington, MN, and the Super Bowl. Installed in a public plaza during the long weekend preceding Super Bowl LII, Empty Space brings elements of science fiction, science fact, and psychedelia to a broad audience. Empty Space consists of a walkway leading into a geodesic dome theater. The LED-lit walkway is lined with “Equivalents” - 8’ x 8’ hand-painted text panels that compare massively different scales using vernacular units of measurement such as the lifespan of a mayfly, the number of dollars earned by Bill Gates in one minute, and the average length of a human stride for example. Inside the theater is a 180-degree projection showing experimental videos that attempt to visualize everything from particle collisions to the birth of the Universe using dice and analog video feedback loops.